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The latest product from our VivaMK Health 'Believe in YOU' range.

Flaming Orange & Red-Hot Watermelon Fat Burner Drinks.

Fat Burner is an advanced herbal drink based on well-proven ingredients that support effective fat metabolism, encouraging your body to use more energy. It also includes antioxidants, is high in fibre and ingredients that improve mental alertness, as well as suppress appetite.

Bursting with good stuff it's an excellent start to the day, helping you feel good & love life!

• Raising metabolic rate

• Helping the body use fat for fuel

• Increasing calorie expenditure

• Impairing fat absorption

• Improving weight-loss and

• Increasing fat oxidation whilst exercising

Flaming Orange.

Code 12146

Red Hot Watermelon

Code 12145

Special Launch Price of £28.50 / €34.20
Just 95p / €1.14 per drink!

Provides 30 drinks per 300g pack
Mix 10g (using enclosed scoop) with 200-250ml of water or prefered drink.
Ideally taken once a day, either in the morning or before exercise.

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