The Olympus Dance and Music Academy is offering Acrobatics Gymnastics classes for students all ages and levels. The program is focused specifically on students performing exercises consisting of acrobatic moves and other impressive skills.
Acrobatic Gymnastics is a beautiful, dynamic and spectacular sport for both men and women. This sport develops courage, strength, stamina and co-ordination.
*Gymnastics also show many health benefits:
• -Boosts Self-Esteem
• -Healthy Lifestyle Choices
• -Flexibility
• -Strong and Healthy Bones
• -Increased Cognitive Functioning
• -Improves Muscle Strength
Development of strength and flexibility is the main part of our Acrobatics Gymnastics classes. They are suitable for both, boys and girls. Our students will learn:
• Somersaults
• Cartwheels
• Handstands
• Aerial Silks
• Flips, climbs, spins and many other acrobatic moves
For registration details, please contact or by telephone: 01-4433559. Visit our website
Our location:
Olympus Dance and Music Academy
Unit 10, Greencastle Parade,
Malahide Road Industrial Park,
Dublin 17, Dublin

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