african grey parrot for sale


I have a Quality super tame female african grey , diva is a very friendly girl she loves being out of her cage watching TV , she can say hello , good morning , gis a kiss , she blows kisses aswell , and a few more words , She's hand tame . Comes with her large cage and toys food etc ,

she is full of character, chatters n dances, shouts the dog, kisses, drinks from a cup, Joins us to eat at the table, has her favorite films on her own tv ! and is part of our family, sadly she is getting grumpy due to not getting the amount of attention that she should get and needs. i have no doubt that when handled regularly and given more Out of Cage Time, she will return to her usual cheeky self.
Diva is used to other animals, we have a cat and dogs.

Diva is microchipped, and registered with a avian vet.

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