Propylene glycol 51% (Glitherm 35°C), IBC 1000 l - shippment


Propylene Glitherm is used wherever heat exchange takes place due to its high capacity for accumulating and returning heat in its mass. It has a relatively wide range of activity – from 60 to 105oC (it does not freeze in winter even at very low temperatures). It is enriched in organic corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents and biocides. It protects the systems against low temperatures, corrosion, development of microbiological life in the glycol solution and sedimentation. It does not contain glycerol as this would reduce the flow efficiency of glycol. It can be used for all types of construction materials used for heat exchange systems (plastic, aluminium, copper, steel). A system filled with Glitherm ECO extends the time of failure-free operation of the system and helps sustain unchanged heat exchange performance. It does not damage rubber elements, e.g. gaskets. It also contains pH regulators, pigments and demineralised water.

The anti-freeze fluid Glitherm ECO is used to fill in the following closed-circuit systems:

• Photovoltaic systems,
• Heating systems,
• Cooling systems,
• Air-conditioning systems,
• Heat pumps,
• Industrial heat exchange systems

Propylene glycol is a nontoxic chemical compound, harmless to the environment and to humans. The product is 100% organic and biodegradable. Made in Poland. It does not contain methyl alcohol or other substances harmful to health. The concentrate must be diluted in demineralised water before application.

Technical requirements:

Glycol concentration: 51 %
Colour: green
Solubility in water: no restrictions
Ethanol content: none
Form: homogeneous liquid without sediments
Odour: weak or odourless
Freezing point: - 35 °C
Boiling point:> 100 °C
Density: 1.045 g/cm3
Alkaline reserve: 8 (not lower)

Shippment from Polant will be determined indyvidually.

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