Faber Universal Glossy


Faber Universal Glossy

All types of shiny tiles, natural or artificial, are likely to dull up over time. Reactions with cleaning products, the traffic, sunlight or other things, will damage the glossy surface. Many floor sealants and polishes will provide a provisional surface gloss but it will wear off pretty soon. What can you do?

Try Faber Universal Gloss and restore the look of your shinny floors. Faber Universal Gloss is cream that has to be buffed. The floor will fully absorb the cream and it will become like a mirror. To be applied with a white pad and a low speed buffer & then buffed with a high speed buffer. Magic results guaranteed on polished marble, travertine, terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain, etc.

Enhance the look of your floors with Faber Universal Gloss

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