Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing


Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing

You have spent a lot of money to buy & fit all this amazing marble floors. You have used all the recommended marble cleaning products but whatever you do, the pride of your eyes, the marble floors, never look right. Well, you do nothing really wrong. The cleaning products you use are ok for removing dirt but your marble floor needs a bit of polishing to look as good as it can. A diamond pad and around 100kg of pressure will transform the look of your marble floors in no time.

Dublin Floor Cleaning is your local marble cleaning and marble polishing company. We specialise in scratch removal, sealing & diamond pad polishing. Our company is happy to deal with commercial and domestic marble cleaning & polishing services. Our prices start from only 150 euro per project.

Dublin Floor Cleaning is using premium marble care products from Faber. We can achieve amazing results on all types of marble floors.

Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing

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