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How can you be PAID TO CRUISE?
Have you heard about inCruises yet and how it works?

Well, inCruises is the world’s fastest growing Cruise Membership Club It’s super simple.
You sign up to be part of the club and for every $100 you pay as a Member they give you 200 of what they call Cruise Dollars.
You can use those 200 Cruise Dollars to book as many cruises as you want each year;
it’s really that simple.

There are no contracts and no gimmicks. It launched 4 year ago and it already has members in over 150 countries.
People love it because they are automatically saving 50% each time you use your cruise dollars and their prices are on par with every other website or even the cruise lines directly.
Who wouldn’t like to pay less form something as fun as this?
And their marketing strategy is super cool and very well thought out.
They simply ask their Members to refer other Members.
If you refer 5 Members they waive your Membership dues, so you no longer have to pay to be part of the club for jus referring 5 other Members and you still accumulate 200
Cruise Dollars each month, so you can cruise 2-3 times a year for free.
Is that something you would be interested in?
But how do you get PAID to cruise?
Well, if everyone that joins that has the same incentive to refer 5 other members to get their Membership dues waived and cruise for free, what do you think the Members you refer are going to do? They are going to refer others, right?
inCruise has a compensation program that pays you for all of those referrals so not only is your Membership free and you can cruise for free but on top of that you EARN money from all of those indirect referrals.

Its really quite amazing and people are already earning enough money to travel the world and make this their full time career.
This is not one of MLM things!
The compensation plan is based on Network Marketing (NWM); a proven multibillion dollar distribution tool.
NWM puts economic power in people’s hands.

Would you like to learn more on how it works? You can watch the video and sign up at

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