Faber TOPCARE 250 ML


Faber TOPCARE 250 ML

Kitchen worktops can be a nightmare to keep clean. All the use and abuse is likely to affect the top coat of your worktop. Dull and patchy surfaces will appear over time and that is the last thing you need from a quality worktop. Well, try Faber TOPCARE 250 ML. You can use this amazing wax to deep clean and seal the work top. Using it cannot be any easier.

deep clean the surface with a degreaser. Allow few min to dry and apply the Faber TOPCARE 250 ML with a dry cloth. Rotate in circular moves until the sealant is nearly dry. Wait 1 min and using another dry cloth, polish it. It will become very glossy.

Faber TOPCARE 250 ML will prevent staining, water damage & loss of gloss. The product can be used for regular maintenance.

Faber TOPCARE 250 ML

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