Faber NO OIL 500 ml


Faber NO OIL 500 ml

If you have a marble worktop or a a marble floor in the kitchen area, you already know how hard it is to remove oil and food stains from marble and travertine. If you are using strong acidic cleaning products, you might remove the stain but you can also burn the marble. Time to start using proper oil & food removers. Time to start using Faber NO OIL 500 ml. This easy to use oil and stain remover will sort out your problem for good.

Just apply it to the stain, allow time to work, scrub gently and dry the area. Badly affected areas might require few treatments but you will get there. Suitable for commercial and domestic use.

It will remove oil stains from worktops, floors, statues, window sills, etc.

Faber NO OIL 500 ml

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