Craftex Degreaser 5l


Craftex Degreaser 5l

Craftex Degreaser 5l is a professional heavy duty degreaser and grease remover suitable for the carpet and sofa cleaning industry. This product has to be used as a pre-spray on badly stained carpets. It will dissolve all types of oil stains, grease, fat, some food, etc, from carpets. Craftex Degreaser 5l is a high foam detergent so please use a defoamer with all extraction carpet cleaning machines.

Dilute the product 1 to 100 before use. Pre-spray well the area, wait 5 minutes & extract. It will provide amazing results on commercial and industrial carpets. Craftex Degreaser 5l is safe to use on commercial & domestic projects.

Try the most powerful carpet degreaser available in Ireland. Outstanding quality guaranteed!

Craftex Degreaser 5l

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