Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit


Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

Domestic wood floor cleaning kit suitable for cleaning and maintaining all types of wood floors. The kit contains all you need to maintain your wood floor spotless for at least 1 month. Inside the box you will find:

-flat mop frame
-flat mop head
-microfiber pad
-1l bona wood floor cleaner
-user manual

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is easy to use and it reduces the risk of socking the floors. Just spray the floor cleaning spray all over the floor and scrub it lightly with the flat mopping system. The floor will look spotless and streak free.

The microfiber pad can be machine washed over 300 times. Get rid of all mops, buckets and useless floor cleaning products. Start cleaning your wood floors with professional wood floor cleaning products from Bona

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

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