Bona Mega Varnish


Bona Mega Varnish

Single pack water based floor varnish from Bona. One of the most popular water based floor lacquer in the world. Bona Mega Floor Varnish provides superior protection and natural finishes. The product dries fast, it covers around 50 sq meter of floor per 5L and it is suitable for low to medium traffic floors. It will not yellow over time and it is known to last for years even under constant traffic.

Bona Mega Varnish can be applied over new or newly sanded wood floors. For better results please apply 1 coat of primer and two coats of Bona Mega Varnish. Not suitable for sealing oil based wood stains.

Magic water based floor varnish from Bona. Outstanding durability and premium resistance.

Bona Mega Varnish

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