Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher


Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher

If you own waxed or poled wood floors, you need to refresh it once or twice per year to maintain the full protection. Your wooden floor was sealed with a blend of natural oils. The oil will provide full protection against traffic and spillages. But over time, as you can it, a bit of the oil will wash away. Areas with a lot of traffic will lose the protection faster. Not a big issue but it needs refreshing. A refresh will penetrate the floor deep and it will blend in with the old oil. Job done and the floor is ready for more traffic for another year.

Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher is top of the range oiled floor refresh.The product is drying in less than 4 hours and it lasts much longer than similar refreshers from other brands.

Affordable, durable & cost effective. Why use anything else?

Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher

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