Bona Craft Oil 2K


Bona Craft OIl 2K

Some floors will seal a wooden floor to prevent water damage. Other types of floor oils will create a nice colour while waterproofing. Some wood stains will enhance the colour of the wood. But the new Bona Craft Oil 2K will do all of the above and more

Bona Craft Oil 2K is a "two pack" hardwax oil suitable for sealing all types of unsealed wooden floors & stairs. It can be used in 1-2 coats on its own or it can be overcoated with Bona Traffioc HD. Unequalled durability, premium coverage area and outstanding finish.

Try the new Bona Craft Oil 2K today. A professional hardwax floor oil from Bona

Bona Craft Oil 2K

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