Bunion Corrector Pair


Take care of your feet in more effective way!

Allow for effective toe correction and bunion relief by using this bunion corrector toe splint. Feel the relief you’ve been waiting for. Your bunion pain will completely disappear when wearing this bunion splint.

By wearing the bunion protectors it will gently realign toes to their natural position. Your toes will feel great when back at their natural alignment...

Made from high quality medical grade materials to provide maximum hallux valgus relief. Soft and easy to clean bunion pads can be reused again and again. Bunion toe straightener will last a while.

This device is typically worn at night (while sleeping) that physically pushes the big toe back into normal alignment and it’s worn for several hours while sleeping. Bunion splints don’t work overnight and are a long term management solution. They help to halt progression of the bunion.


Recommended by doctors.
Package details: One pair for feet

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