Terracotta Floor Cleaning


Terracotta Floor Cleaning

Nothing makes a place feel more cosy than a well maintained terracotta floor. Terracotta floors are made to last and it is designed to last for generations. But maintaining and sealing terracotta floors is not easy task. A terracotta tile is like sponge. Many people that have attempted to seal terracotta floors ended up applying over 20 coats of floor polish to achieve average results. The secret is in priming the job with proper solvent primers to seal the floor before polishing.

Dublin Floor Cleaning deep cleans and polishes terracotta floors since 2007. We deal with many domestic and commercial terracotta polishing customers. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses Faber terracotta sealants and polishes. We can restore the looks of your terracotta floor in no time.

Our minimum order for any type of terracotta floor cleaning project starts from only 150 euro

Terracotta Floor Cleaning

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