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Hate having to do your laundry, or don't have the time? Well, lucky you! We offer a wash, dry, iron and fold service from our home. You just drop off your dirty laundry and we'll contact you in 2-3 working days when they're clean. Then it's just collect, pay and away!

All products used in the laundering are fragrance free*, non-allergenic**, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The ingredients are biodegradable and plant-based; so none of those nasty chemicals.



Colours - €2.50/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Whites - €3.00/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Jackets&Coats - €2.00/item; €5.00 for 4+ items (wash, dry****, fold).

Special Items - price varies.


Coloured Bathroom Linen - €3.00/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

White Bathroom Linen - €3.50/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Coloured Bed Linen - €3.00/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

White Bed Linen - €3.50/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Coloured Kitchen Linen - €2.00/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

White Kitchen Linen - €2.50/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Coloured Table Linen - €4.00/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

White Table Linen - €4.50/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Coloured Curtains&Drapes - €5.00/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

White Curtains&Drapes - €5.50/5kg*** (wash, dry****, fold).

Special Items - price varies.


€5 for up to 10 individual items.

€6 from 11 to 15 individual items.

€8 from 16 to 20 individual items.

€11 from 21 to 25 individual items.

€15 from 26 to 30 individual items.

€20 for 30+ individual items

Free with any order over €20

*Fragranced options are available.

**Although we use non-allergenic products, we ask you to let us know of any allergies you have.

***5kg = 1 load. Therefore, smaller loads still cost the equivalent of a 5kg load.

**** Air-dry and tumble-dry services offered. Choosing Air-dry may result in a slightly longer wait.

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