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Why Are Desk Massages Gaining Popularity?

Do you work at an office? This means that you constantly have to sit at your desk, which is bound to be extremely tiring. The monotony could also cause subconscious stress, which explains why most corporate workers want to leave their jobs at some point. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Desk massages treatments have proved quite efficient in bettering the lives of many who work behind a desk. Many companies and individuals have therefore found a way of including them in their daily routines as stress management programmes. They are quick, flexible, cost-efficient, and will leave the staff feeling revitalized and refreshed.

How Do They Work?

With these, there’s no need to leave the workstation. Massage therapists normally visit the organisation or office and provide short massage treatments at the comfort of employee’s desks. These are done on the neck, shoulder, and head with the person seated at an upright posture. Depending on customer preferences, desk massages can take any amount of time from short 10-minute massages to long 1 hour massages. Additionally, the therapy can be split into various sessions per day or week.

What do People stand to gain from a desk massage?

Massages, since time immemorial, have been known as a great way of reducing stress and tension. Employees who barely have the time to relax during the day such as call centre and industrial employee stand to gain a lot from the desk treatments. They do not require any equipment and are fast and accessible anywhere at any time. Here are some other benefits of desk massages:

They alleviate stress.
They relieve muscle tension caused by sitting at a desk all day long
They improve mood hence approachability and work relationships.
They motivate employees to work harder.
They can be carried out in small spaces.

That said, all staff that work behind a desk stand to reap invaluable benefits from a desk massage!

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