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Oven Cleaning Eireann is a professional oven cleaning service in Ireland. As a whole, we are the biggest and the best business in the oven cleaning category in Ireland! Our method of cleaning will deliver exceptional quality cleaning results without leaving the kitchen a mess. Not only we clean ovens, we also provide a number of other services :

• Kitchen Cleaning

• Bathroom Cleaning

We have one goal in mind when we come out to our customers, to make your oven look as new as possible. To achieve this we use a perfected method in our cleaning service. Along with this we also use Eco-friendly, non-caustic and non-toxic chemicals in our method of cleaning. After the job is done, we leave, leaving the kitchen as it was when we got there. It’s like a magic trick, we appear and disappear without leaving a trace. Its just in this trick we give you a spotless oven in the process. This also goes the same for our other services.

We have a number of goals in our business. They are the following :

• Visionary Goals : We hope that by the end of 2017 we will be fully established in every county in Ireland. Currently we are operating in 13 counties in Ireland. If we achieve this, this would mean that our service would be accessible to everyone in Ireland, giving the people of Ireland the best oven cleaning service for their homes.

• Prudent Goals : The cleaning products we use are top of the line. We also know that ovens don’t stay clean forever. That is why, we want to encourage our customers to buy the cleaning products we use at an affordable price for all people. This would prolong the contentment your oven provides to you by its image and it will also save you money as you wont have to be calling cleaning services regularly.

To us, after our customer’s satisfaction, the environment is our priority. We use high performance cleaning products that contribute to a healthier home for you and your family, and which are gentle on the environment. Our cleaning products contain the BIOQUEST FORMULA. BIOQUEST FORMULA products use highly active ingredients sourced from nature to deliver exceptional cleaning results, without harming the environment. They deliver powerful cleaning performance and are concentrated, biodegradable and dermatologically-tested.

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