Travertine Floor Cleaning


Travertine Floor Cleaning

Here is the most popular and more ignored type of floor in Ireland. Travertine floors are very fancy floors., very durable & very easy to maintain. This is the reason why so many people are getting it fitted in their own homes or businesses. But keeping travertine tiles spotless and shinny require regular sealing & diamond pad polishing. Most people don`t own a buffer so this is the main reason why most travertine floors don`t look as good as it should.

Dublin Floor Cleaning is your local travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor polishing company. we are well established, highly recommended and we use Faber products. We provide free no obligation estimate. Our prices start from only 150 euro per project.

Call in the travertine cleaning & polishing specialist. Have your floors sealed with proper products

Travertine Floor Cleaning

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