Marmoleum Floor Cleaning


Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

If you have marmoleum floors in your home or in your office, you know how easy it is to scratch it, stained & permanent damaged. The only thing that stays between you and the floor is 1-2 mm coat of floor polish. But over time, this polish will wear off and the floor will be exposed to all the dangers. Time has arrived for a new marmoleum floor polishing. For the floor to look like a mirror, you need to use the services of a highly skilled marmoleum floor cleaning company with years of experience. Dublin Floor Cleaning is the right company for such projects.

Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the most popular floor cleaning company in Ireland. We specialise in marmoleum floor cleaning, polish removal, sealing & marmoleum floor polishing. We are known for creating streak free surfaces. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed.

Dublin Floor Cleaning is using water based floor sealants from Cleanfast. We will glaze your marmoleum floor with a high traffic chemical resistant water based sealant.

Call is now or book our marmoleum floor cleaning services online. We are based in Dublin 12 but we are happy to cover the whole Co Dublin

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

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