Bona Freshen Up


Bona Freshen Up

If you own wood floors that got sealed with a water based or a solvent based floor lacquer, you can use Bona Freshen Up to restore some of the lost shine. All wood floors will wear off more in areas with more traffic. Over time, the area with more footfall will look duller and more damaged. In many cases, the varnish still looks good beside the fact that is dull and patchy. You do not need to pay a tone of money to refinish the floor, refresh it with Bona Freshen Up.

This water based refresher will bond well with all types of pre-existing finishes and it will create a perfect even & glossy finish. No need for complicate tools or experience. Just apply 2 coats of Bona Freshen Up
with a flat mop and the gloss is restored.

Bona Freshen Up can be used to refresh commercial and domestic floors

Bona Freshen Up

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