Kennel & Cattery Management Course


Please note the above course will be run by EOBrien Kennel Management in Cork, on a series of eight Sunday’s running one Sunday per month from Sept ’19 to Apr '20 inclusive.
This is to facilitate Kennel & Cattery owners or prospective owners to have the possibility to complete this comprehensive Kennel & Cattery Management course in Cork. The course requires submission of a project and completion of a written examination at the end of the course.
Extensive learning’s provided throughout the 8 months include:
 Design & build of a kennel/cattery from ground up incl. heating, size, security, food prep area, etc.
 Business Plan & Financial Projections.
 Health, nutritional & hygiene requirements of animals
 Quarantine & isolation units. Care of animals during convalescence.
 Compliance with regulations & health and safety requirements. Standard operating procedures for best care of animals in your care.
 Maximise comfort and minimise stress to the animals in boarding.
 Prevention of disease within the Kennel/Cattery.
 Alerts for animal stress during care.
 Staffing health and safety.
 Kennel &Cattery SOP/record keeping and animal health record maintenance.

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