Best Tips For Cleaning Your Windows Inside


One of the most difficult tasks that you will perform inside of your home is trying to keep your windows clean. It's difficult because of not only how quickly they can become contaminated with materials, but the type of materials that will often end up on the glass. Each part of your house is going to be different based upon where it is located. Cleaning the window that is adjacent to your kitchen sink will be different than those in the bathroom. Each one will be challenging, but if you are using the right mixture of chemicals, both natural or man-made, you are going to see good results. Here are some of the best tips for cleaning your Windows inside.

What Is The Main Problem?

The main problem that most people have is streaking. Removing the grease, dirt, and any other materials is often very easy to do. With a mixture of vinegar and water, or even if you use a commercial cleanser that you can get at your local store, the cleansing portion of this activity is the easy part. That's why many people will finish cleaning with a product like Windex, but vinegar and water can provide a very similar result. It's also important to wipe your window in a particular manner so as to get the best results. The tools you will need will include rubber gloves, a rubber bladed squeegee, and you will need to angle this as you move toward the bottom of the window. By wiping the squeegee clean each time, you will minimize the potential of developing any streaking at all.

What Is The Best Solution For Cleaning Your Windows?

Unless you are using a store-bought products like Windex, which uses ammonia, you will want to combine vinegar and water instead. It is important to always keep your squeegee clean, and when you are going to pull it down across the window, you need to make sure that it is wet. As long as the water you are using is clean, and you are wiping down at the proper angle, streaking is not going to occur. Of course, the window must be completely cleansed of all foreign particulate matter if you truly want to have a window that has absolutely no streaks.

Do You Need A Professional For This Type Of Activity?

Professional window cleaners are simply individuals that are using these same chemicals and techniques. They have simply just done in more than other people. The average person will clean the interior of their windows perhaps three or four times a year, whereas a professional will do this thousands of times personally. It is their experience in using these tools, and properly mixing the vinegar and water, that will lead to the good results that they typically provide.

If you don't want to spend the money on hiring a window cleaner, you now know how to do this on your own. As long as you have a bucket, sponge, squeegee, gloves, and vinegar that is distilled at your house, you can do this yourself. Of course, it's going to take you a few hours depending upon how many windows you have. It can also vary depending upon the size of the windows and where they are located. Otherwise, cleaning windows and eliminating the potential of having streaks is something that anyone can do using these tips.

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