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Top 8 Types Of Men's Underwear

Just like everything else in the world that's evolving, so is the fashion world. When it comes to what men can wear beneath their regular clothes, the options are limitless. There's now a wide variety of underwear that they can enjoy and be comfortable in. Read on as we dive into the different types of underwear for men.

Boxer Briefs
These are among the best for men and are also known to many as trunks. However, boxer briefs tend to cover a mans thighs and sit comfortably at a high position on the waist. So if you're looking for full support and coverage, they are perfect and they can be worn with beachwear, sporting outfits and even for workouts.

Almost every guy owns at least one of these and they've redefined the phrase "mans best friend". Briefs come to the rescue every time they give some extra space on the sides of the legs and the thighs since they're more exposed. However, they rise a bit from the back of the waist and they're very comfortable to suit just about every outfit and design. The following are the different types of briefs:

* Low rise briefs - these are very stylish and do a great job of enhancing your package as if gives your coverage just below your waist.
* Mid-rise briefs - the waistband sits as it fits the natural shape of a man's waist. These can be worn with everyday wear, for formal occasions and even sports.
* Full rise briefs - the full rise variant sits below your belly button and hides those love handles while ensuring that your stomach looks smooth.

Boxer Shorts
Boxers are unlike most others since they provide men with a more breathable experience instead of just support. They're are almost like linen shorts and are loose-fitting with an open fly for all of your sticky situations. Boxers also come in the loose version that provides maximum ease.

If you're looking to spice things up, these are perfect and they offer minimum to almost no coverage. So if you're interested in having those pesky underwear lines removed, these are your go-to. Thongs can also be worn for the erotic and sexual experiences of your choice and they leave your back bare with either the g-string or the t-shaped variant.

These were designed with athletes in mind and others who dive hard into their sporting activities. There's a pouch at the front which provides a comfortable experience with maximum support. The jockstrap also has its own set of leg bands that falls comfortably to the side. Additionally, cups can be inserted for sports that present a higher risk of persons having a penis injury.

C-strings are not used normally unless persons are interested in modelling. The C-string was built to ensure that both front and back are exposed. It is widely favoured as an attractive tool in clubs.

Tangas are an exceptionally designed pair of briefs and they offer coverage to the front where they are then connected to the waist with fabric bands. Unlike the G-string, the waistbands are thicker. Tangas can be easily worn for dressing up and outings.

Tights are made from specially designed elastic-like fabric and they're well suited for vigorous exercise. So if you exercise a lot, these will actually save your muscles from wear and tear since they cling to your skin and hold you snug. Tights are better suited for racing, cycling, gym and other vigorous activities.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the top 8 types of men's underwear. All of these were designed with you in mind to give you the feel or fit that you desire. With this line-up, you're sure to find something for every occasion.

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